Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be Your Best - Motivational

It's that moment again. That moment when you're feeling down. That moment when everything seems bigger than you. When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel empty. It's that moment again. You feel like nothing's working, like you can't move without breaking your surroundings. Every little step forward is denied, every little bright piece of hope is instantly covered by a depressive shadow; a shadow of loneliness, a dark blue essence that flows through your veins and kills you, slowly, from the inside out. We've all been there before. It feels familiar. We've all experienced lack of will. When even the brightest future is covered by a fog of doubts, a deep dense fog through which you can't seem to see.

How do I get out of here? How do I progress? I'm stuck, stuck in a loop. There's no ending, there's no beginning, there's nothing. So how do I manage to move? Forwards, backwards, it doesn't really matter, I just want to move. My question is simple: How?

These are the moments when life tests you. It's now when success looks you directly in the eyes, intimidating, and awaits for your response. It's either you look back, get up, and make a leap of faith, or you fall down into a spiral of depression.

As Les Brown said: Hard times have not come to stay, they have come to pass. Now matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I'm going to make it.

You're not going to give up now, are you? Really? You've come all the way to here, you've gone through hardships, you have decided to make a change in your life, and you're going to give up now? 

Success, my friend, requires patience. And it is only those who have the courage and will to persevere will get what they deserve.

So go on now, do one more rep, run one more mile. Just one more. Go until your arms can't hold yourself anymore, go until your inconsistent breath carries your strength away, until your soul wishes to leave your burning body. Make every drop of sweat worth your time and effort. Earn every single step forward you make, and make every single step count. And when you think you're there, when you think you can't go any further, go further.

In a world where success is being looked for by thousands upon thousands of thirsty souls, only those who are willing to sacrifice what they are now for what they will become are the ones who succeed.

You have to become obsessed with your dream to make it happen. You have to breath it, eat it, sleep it. You have to be willing to let those who weight you down go in order to fly high. You have to be willing to let everything go, because you know what will come will make every decision worth it.

Now go and be your best, because if you aren't, no one else will.

And as always, train hard.


  1. That's some scary inspirational thing man! In the beginning it made my hair get up!

    I can see who your idols are (Eric Thomas), and those are my too. Keep preaching, keep climbing Raizo!
    We can conquer this thing, we just need to stick to it!