Sunday, September 15, 2013

There Are No Secrets

What if I told you the secret to success in Street Workout, huh? What if I told you I know the exact formula to greatness? Would you believe me? No?

Well, here it is:

Consistency + Hard Work + Passion = Success

But there's a slight problem, ain't it? Of course, that's no secret. We all know that, we have all heard that at least once, but we still look for shortcuts, for fast ways of achieving our goals, we still look for magic supplements that will turn us into Hannibal For King... but there are none.

Ain't that great!? You can now achieve your goal without cheating! That's the greatest thing ever. Just think of the feeling you'll get that day, when you'll look at yourself in the mirror and say:

"I made myself. All of what I've achieved, I did it through consistency, hard work and giving everything I got at every moment."

And that, my friend, gives you the best feeling ever.

Anyway, moving on, let's define what I mean by that formula:

- Consistency: Probably the most important part of the formula. If you are not consistent, you will not achieve anything in life. And don't take me wrong, I've been sooo inconsistent in my life, like most people, but no more. You have to realize that your path to success is a real path. Every training is a step forward, every lazy rest day is a jump back.
When I ask people "Do you train?", all I hear is "Yeah well, I'm kinda messing around, I've been very busy lately and blah blah blah"... Stop it! It's go hard or go home here. You will not get better unless you give consistent work.

- Hard Work: Another key aspect to success. It's great to workout every day, but how you workout is also important. A lot of people like to go to the park, do a set of pull-ups, talk to some friends, to some more sets of any given exercise, and then go home. Not only that, but the will then brag about working out 2-3 hours a day. The thing is you don't need a 3h workout to progress. Sure, if you can, then go ahead! But if you don't have that much time to workout (most of us don't) a 30-60 minute workout can be more than enough. It's all about how much you give. So raise up the intensity of your workout and give it all you got. It's a must that after every workout you should be laying on the floor, exhausted.

- Passion: Here's were most people fail. You need to have heart, you need to feel and focus on every rep, on every set. You will not be successful in life unless you truly want what you want to achieve. And motivation is very important indeed, but we will talk about that in another post.

So there you go, tattoo that formula on your brain. I want you to get up and think of what you want. I want you to turn your dream into a goal and, over time, achieve it. We do not have dreams here, we have goals, and every day is a new opportunity to make them a reality.

Train Hard.

"When you want to succeed, as bad as you wanna breathe, then you'll be successful." - Eric Thomas

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